A quick search of Sedona will tell you the small city near Flagstaff is surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, and pine forests. The warm weather coupled with delicious food spots and countless places to relax makes Sedona a popular place to retire. But our real estate team is here to tell you that Sedona is more than just a beautiful place to live during your golden years.

Here are five little-known facts about this wonderful Arizona city, as referenced from TravelAwaits.  

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It’s a popular spot for fall foliage

Who says you have to visit the east coast in order to enjoy the country’s most amazing fall foliage? Longtime Northern Arizona residents will tell you that Sedona trails offer some out-of-this-world autumn views. Here at Brian & Cindy Real Estate, we suggest driving through Oak Creek Canyon between September and the middle of October for the best foliage viewing. 

The canyons have an extensive history 

Should you ever move to Sedona, you can expect to fall in love with the town’s canyons. What’s interesting about these canyons is that they’re made up of sandstone, limestone, and basalt stone dating back millions of years. As noted in the aforementioned TravelAwaits article, “The layers of limestone and sandstone were formed by sand dunes and mud blown by the wind, while the bottom layer of basalt was formed by volcanic eruptions that took place over 14 million years ago.”

The mild winters can be attributed to the high elevation

Just because Sedona is located in the heart of the desert doesn’t mean you have to worry about blistering heat all the time. Thanks to an elevation of 4,500 feet, you can look forward to comfortable winters with the average high temperature in January being 51 degrees. It’s also worth mentioning that the city averages more than 300 days of sunshine per year. 

It’s where classic Western films were produced

All it takes is one trip to Sedona to see what made the town a perfect Hollywood backdrop for cowboy films during the 1940s and 50s. John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Henry Fonda, Robert De Niro, and James Stewart are just some of the actors to go through Sedona during their illustrious careers. Quick tidbit for you Western film buffs out there: both Billy the Kid and Broken Arrow were set in this Northern Arizona locale.

It’s an affordable vacation destination

Wondering about the affordability of booking accommodations in Sedona compared to other Arizona cities? Well, we’ve got good news, as your friends and family can reserve a room at a five-star hotel for a three-star price. This allows your loved ones to focus less on how they’re going to afford a trip to Sedona and more on everything the town has to offer.

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