Selling a house is a combination of having a good real estate market at the time, getting the right people to view the house, and being able to present the house in an effective way. This all might sound simple, but when each part is lacking, the process can take a considerably longer time. While there’s not anything individual homeowners can do about the Sedona real estate market, they can have a significant influence on who sees the home and what’s inside that can persuade them to put in an offer.

The team of realtors at Bryan & Cindy Real Estate have been helping homeowners sell their house for decades. With more than 60 years of combined experience, we understand how to market a home for sale so that the people viewing it are interested buyers who are looking for specifications that match what your home has. If someone is looking for a three-bedroom house, a real estate agent shouldn’t show them a four-bedroom home that is outside of their price range. When you have the right people viewing your house, it’s then a matter of presenting the house in an appealing way — you’ve probably heard the term curb appeal. But how do you master curb appeal and have a stunning interior as well?

Mastering Curb Appeal and Creating a Stunning Interior

The Art of Selling a House

Many people looking to buy a house in Sedona set out to find a home that matches their criteria, not necessarily a house that has the best landscaping or their favorite paint colors. However, when a house does exceed their expectations, when it does have flattering hedges, existing flower beds, and open walls where visitors can imagine their own family pictures, it could be what sets it apart and helps them decide to put in an offer.

Start With the Outside

Even with images of the interior of the house online, homebuyers need to see the exterior in person first, so it’s the first opportunity to make an impression. Most buyers want a home that is move-in ready, so if there are dead tree limbs, garden areas that need trimming, or the yard is simply empty and boring, they will need to put a lot of work in to make the yard how they want it. Home sellers don’t need to spend a lot of time or money increasing the curb appeal, but there are a few things that can make a big difference.

  • Create a focal point in the landscape that can be seen from the biggest window.
  • Plant a few flowers in the garden or along the foundation.
  • Clear away toys, debris, yard equipment, and other clutter from pathways, sidewalks, and the driveway.
  • Fix broken fences and gates.
  • Do the same for the backyard as the front yard.

The Interior — Start With the Most Important Spaces

Homebuyers will always be most interested in the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, and the living room. These rooms are where most of the daily living will go on and potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living there!

The Kitchen

After living in the house for however long, home sellers know what the best parts of the kitchen are, and what areas could be potential negatives. Presenting the kitchen is about letting each feature shine, and whenever possible, minimize the negatives or put barriers in place that will steer the direction of potential buyers elsewhere.

  • If possible, countertops should be completely empty, including small appliances.
  • It may look cute to you, but keep towels inside drawers instead of hanging from the stove or fridge handle.
  • Take down all magnets and decor from the fridge door.
  • Walls should also be free from any family pictures, and limit the number of art pieces or decor.
  • Tidy and clean the inside of drawers, cabinets, or closets that visitors may open. Everything inside these kitchen spaces should be well organized.
  • Clean as much as possible.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Potential buyers will be very interested to see the size of the bedroom, bathroom, and closets or storage. They want to feel how the master area flows with the rest of the house. And they will want to be able to see how their own belongings fit into the space. Even though the bedrooms may seem like one of the easiest spaces to tidy and present for an open house, it can be tempting to just do the bare minimum and call it good. But when the master or secondary bedrooms aren’t given the attention they need, it’s a missed opportunity. If you need additional advice for your home, don’t hesitate to contact Bryan & Cindy Real Estate.

  • Pack away out-of-season clothes to make as much open space as possible in the closet.
  • If there are shelves in the closet with boxes of stored items, move them to a rented storage unit.
  • Make the bed and make sure to use clean linens with light colors if possible.
  • Clear the walls of any family photos or art. However, you may leave mirrors, especially when they make the space appear larger.
  • Keep blinds or curtains open to increase light, unless there is a less-than-ideal view from the window.
  • Dresser drawers should be cleared of any items.
  • Getting the master bathroom ready is similar to the kitchen — the countertops should be clear and clean, closets should be organized, clean as much as possible, especially in the shower.

Living Spaces

The living room and dining room are key in presenting a house as they are where the majority of time will be spent by the whole family. In these spaces, it’s all about creating as much walking space as possible. This is especially important when the spaces are smaller and buyers may have a harder time imagining their own belongings in the home.

  • If side tables or coffee tables hinder the ability to walk around the space, store them off-site.
  • Any remaining surfaces should be clear of magazines, remotes, and other materials.
  • Bookshelves should be thoroughly dusted.
  • Windows should be clean and there should be minimal window treatments.
  • Pack up all family photos and reduce the number of art or decor on the walls.
  • Clean the floors of clutter and consider a professional carpet cleaning.
  • Consider removing any area rugs.
Meet The Bryan & Cindy Real Estate Team

Even though the kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, and major living spaces are the most important, you don’t want to forget entryways, secondary bathrooms, storage closets, and the garage. Even though these areas may not get as much traffic, they are still important to potential buyers.

Selling a house can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to sell as quickly as possible. But the more you can make of each space, the more appeal the entire home and landscape will have for visitors. If you’re selling a house in Sedona, Bryan & Cindy are real estate agents who have the experience, knowledge, and dedication it takes to do it efficiently and quickly. Contact Bryan and Cindy today to get started!