So, you’ve decided to move to Sedona. That’s great! As your local realtors, we love our city, and we know that we’ll be able to find a home here that you love. Sedona is known for its majestic red rock scenery — something that draws new residents and visitors alike. 

In today’s blog, we’ll go over all the reasons why we love Sedona, and why we know you’ll love it too. When you’re ready to start your search for a new home in our city, give us a call! We’ll find exactly what you need and keep it within your budget. Start making Sedona your new home today.

Natural Beauty

Sedona isn’t known as one of the most beautiful places to live for no reason. The amazing scenery of the Red Rocks Formations and the Sonoran Desert keep you busy with hikes, sightseeing, and bike rides in all your free time. There are 400+ hiking and biking trails as well as beautiful vistas, parks, and more for you to enjoy all year long in the warm weather here. You’ll never struggle to find a weekend adventure. Sedona is the place to go if you love to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

Arts & Culture

Scattered throughout Sedona are a number of shops and stores that proudly display the cultural art of Arizona. Along with the wide selection of art studios and shops, you’re more than likely going to see artisans and artists creating anything from glasswork to pottery as you’re making your way through town. Sedona’s creative hub is known as “Gallery Row” and brings in artists and art collectors from all over the world. 


If you’re a night owl and you love stargazing, Sedona is the place for you. Not only do we have hikes and trails where you can enjoy the amazing starscape, but our city is free of smog-filled air that you’ll find in bigger cities around the country. In Sedona, you can soak up all the glory of a star-filled sky in the middle of nature. Check it out for yourself when you get into town. 

Business & Education

Sedona draws in plenty of tourists each and every year, but the tourism industry plays a huge role in supporting our economy here. That being said, there are plenty of jobs available in the hospitality industry for the hustle and bustle that tourists may bring. 

Education is also a top priority for citizens of Sedona. We take pride in our high-rated schools and caring and invested teachers. Not only that, but Sedona is home to Yavapai College for post-secondary education.


Sedona is full of beautiful neighborhoods, and that’s where we step in. When you make the decision to move to Sedona, we will explore your options when it comes to the size and location of your desired home. Some of the beautiful neighborhoods in Sedona include:

  • Highland Estates
  • Les Spring
  • Casa Contenta
  • Seven Canyons

These gated communities are full of beautiful homes, common spaces to enjoy, and close to shopping, parks, and those many trails that we talked about earlier. With our team, we know we’ll be able to find a house in Sedona that you can call home.

Annual Events

While many of our annual events may be canceled this year due to the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, we do have a plethora of fun and entertaining events that normally occur throughout the year. From the Sedona Arts Festival to the Sedona WineFest and the Festival of Lights, there are a variety of things to look forward to all year long. Be sure to ask us about some of our personal favorites when you get in touch!

Choose Dante Real Estate to Find Your Dream Home in Sedona!

As two people who were born and raised in Sedona, it’s no secret that we love our city. But not only that, there is nobody better to help you find your dream home when you move to Sedona. With all the amazing things that this city has to offer, it’s no wonder that you’ve made the decision to come! We can’t wait to show you around. Get in touch with us today to start the process of finding your new, beautiful home and life in Sedona.