After searching for weeks or even months on end for houses for sale in Sedona, whether on your own or with the help of a Realtor, you’ve finally found a Sedona home that’s perfect for you. While after you make an offer there are many steps to follow, nevertheless, you are on your way to becoming the owner of your very first home! That’s reason enough to celebrate a little.

Before you begin packing up your moving truck and buying items in preparation for the move to your new Sedona home, there’s a lot that needs to be done before you sign the final real estate closing documents and become the actual owner of the house.

If this is your first time going through the real estate closing process in Sedona, the Realtors at Brian and Cindy Real Estate are here to outline everything to expect between your initial offer and the final closing day on your new home.

While it is certainly exciting to us, we know that for many, talking about everything involved in a real estate closing can be a bore. So to make things more interesting, we’ll be using this sandwich to provide an example of how buying and closing real estate in Sedona works.

After all, who doesn’t like sandwiches?

A sandwich is made up of many ingredients that make it delicious. Take any of them out and the sandwich is not complete. Much like a sandwich, when buying and closing on real estate, every component plays an important role, and without any of them, you might lose out on your new home (or delicious sandwich).

Start from the bottom of this sandwich and work your way to the top where you close on your real estate and become a Sedona homeowner!

Initial Offer

Your bottom slice and foundation that gets the ball rolling. If your offer isn’t accepted, all you’re left with is a useless piece of bread.

Title Report

As important as bacon to a good sandwich, doing a title search and obtaining title insurance gives peace of mind that the property you’re buying will truly be yours.

Apply For The Loan

The loan is the meat that holds your sandwich together. If you can’t get one, you won’t have a home — just like you won’t have much of a sandwich.


The lender inspection ensuring the home is worth what they will be loaning you. Just like cheese, you don’t want to come across mold here.

Home Inspection

Your sandwich doesn’t need to have tomatoes, but it makes for a healthier sandwich. Likewise, you don’t need a home inspection, but it’s recommended to ensure there are no surprises with your new home.

Home Insurance

Every home needs a good home insurance policy, just as every sandwich needs lettuce for added nutrition.

Final Walk Through

The final touches where you make sure everything looks good to go in the home 48 hours prior to your closing day.

The Closing

This is where you seal the deal. You’ll need your down payment funds ready just like you’ll need your appetite for this masterpiece of a sandwich you’ve just finished.

We hope these real estate insights — in the form of a fun sandwich — have helped give you a better grasp on what all to expect and prepare for when it comes to the time frame from making an offer on a piece of Sedona real estate to officially becoming a homeowner.

If you need help finding your new Sedona home, reach out to the real estate experts of Sedona at Brian and Cindy Real Estate. Our Realtors will not only help you find your dream home at the best price, but they will also guide you through every step of sealing the deal!